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Ever wanted to be part of something real? Here at ESE our Basketball Leagues are as real as it gets.

  • Each League consist of 10 games per season

  • "best of the best" playoff tournament,  at the end, to crown the one and only League Champion.

Does your team have what it takes to win it all??

Throughout the season ESE keeps track of every players individual stats and at the end of the season, awards are given out to the players who performed the best.

 Individual Awards that are given out are as followed:
  • Scoring Champion(player who scores the most that season),
  • 3 ball slinger(player who makes the most 3 pointers that season),
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player of the league/season), and
  • Playoff MVP(Most Valuable Player in the playoffs). 

Throughout the season you will be able to keep up with your individual stats by viewing them on our "League Statistics" page.Don't forget team slots are filling up fast, So get your team together and get registered, to secure your spot in next season's league. Slots are based on first come first serve.   

League Breakdown:

*Adult Mens-Games scheduled  from *6pm -9pm on Sundays, 
*Adult Women's-Games scheduled from * 6pm-9pm on Sundays
*35 & Over Mens- Games Scheduled from 7pm-10pm on Tuesdays

San Antonio Leagues:
-Misson Conception Sports Complex- Men's League, Womens League,
-Woodlawn Park Gym- 35 & Over Men's League

Registration -
  • $449 per team- Men's League,  Women's League maximum of 12 players per roster. Additional players to be added will have to pay $40 to extend roster maximum. All Free Agents are a set $45 Registration fee.
  • *Full Referee fess are not included in the registration. A Portion is paid by us(ESE) and a portion by the players equaling a total of $24 per game for each team. Ex. (10 players on a team) Each player brings $2.00 to each game to help pay for the ref fees as a team.
  • Gym Rental Fees, and Team awards,  (Shirts, Trophy's, Certficates), are included in the registration. 
  • Registration can be paid in full or a deposit can be made. $200 deposit is required to hold  a spot in league, with the remaining  due by the second game of the season.
  • Breakdown Ex. $45 per person for team of 10, or  $37 per person for team of 12. 

Season & Game Format-
  •  League of 12-25 teams, 9 weeks long. Each team will play 10 games per season, and Playoffs

  • Top 20 teams advance to a playoff tournament conducted on the weekend following the season end. Games are played with 2 referees, and two 22min halfs (college format modified).

League Rules & Regulations- link