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Upcoming Tournaments

 1. Kickfest- Coed Kickball Tournament- TBD--- KICKBALL

2.Cinco De Mayo- 5 bat giveaway- 5/6/18--- SOFTBALL

Registraion List!

 Start Date/ Times

Free Beer- Coed Kickball
Tourney (Summer)
6/4 format or 7/5
Olmos Basin Park, 600 Devine SA, TX
*10 Players
22.0 per player

 Coed Softball- Free Beer Tourney- (Summer)
July 9th,2017
  Normoyle Park
*10 Players- $22.5 per player 
*12 Players- $18.75 per player

CoED Softball - City Wide- Alumni Shootout (Sunday)
5/5 format- ASA- Rec Tournament
  September 17, 2017
 Normoyle PArk, 711 Culberson, 78211, SA, TX
*10 Players- $22.5 per olayer,
*12 Players- $18.75 per player
 Cinco De Mayo- Coed Softball Annual Tournament- 5 bat giveaway
 May 6th, 2018 (Sunday)
  Normoyle PArk, 711 Culberson, 78211, SA, TX
  *10 Players- $28.5 per olayer,
*12 Players- $24.75 per player